So now that the news has settled in, where does KC stand without Kriztian Nemeth?

Last week Sporting KC fans learned their beloved striker (only for a season), Krisztian Nemeth was sold to Al-Gharafa Sports Club in Qatar. Now, more than a week into the preseason, and more than a week without the service of Nemeth, SKC seems to still be standing on their own feet.

Head Coach and Technical Director of Sporting KC, Peter Vermes, perceivably has the club set up for the future as well as for a winning season this year. Yes despite all of the woos from fans, selling Nemeth should actually turn out to be a good thing for the club.

We all know Nemeth was good, but honest how much better could he become, and how long would that last. He has a long history of injuries, and is 27 years old. Selling Nemeth at very likely the highest point in his career was the “smart” move from SKC.

On top of that, Vermes and the leaders of SKC have brought in two quality wingers in Brad Davis and Justin Mapp. With such a quality set of players in the two of them, selling Nemeth was again the “smart” move.

Even more, the near to $3 million (actually ~$2million after the MLS takes its’ cut), will help to invest in more players in the future. Selling Nemeth again was the “smart” move for SKC.

All that said, SKC will still obviously be a little worse at the start of this season. Regardless, the Nemeth move, theoretically, should help SKC to a greater extent in the future. And if there is any ownership and coaching staff to reap the greatest benefit possible from this move, it will be Sporting KC.

Vermes and company look to have Sporting KC set up for the present season and the future prosperity of the club.

So relax everyone. Soccer is and always will be a business. We must except that and keep the ball rolling.



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