UPDATE: Vermes announced the other day that a new signing will “come through when he comes through”. Only a matter of time till we see who this new forward signing will be. is saying that Sporting KC Canadian left back Marcel De Jong is on his way out.

Read the article here.

KC fans have already had their fair share of surprise departures. Nemeth left camp one day, and was sold the next, along with Erik Palmer-Brown’s sudden loan to FC Porto soon thereafter.

Although selling De Jong would not be much of a shock or disappointment to fans (playing only 850 minutes last year), it will certainly bring up some quality cap space for Sporting KC to play with.

De Jong was paid around $180,000 last year. Selling Nemeth also brought in another player in the $250,000. Together that amount adds up to ~$430,000; just below the cap hit for a DP.

The current cap limit outside of DPs, TAM and CAM is $436,250. With the money brought in from this year’s sales/departures, the signings of Davis, Mapp, Olum, Nuno and Kann, we cannot be completely sure where SKC lies in available cap space.

However, with the team roster certainly not set, and with Robb Heinemann saying they are actively looking at other players to bring in this year, we can be fairly certain SKC should be looking to bring in a new quality signing.

Regardless, of whether or not SKC signs a new player before the season begins, they still seem to be set and solid for a season of continued success in the always hectic and competitive MLS.

Right now, all we can do is wait.





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