Hometown Hero

My name is Jon, I am the other (better) half to Matt.  We are identical twins, and we love SKC and the sport of soccer.  I am going to fill out Matt’s earlier story by explaining my place in it, and the way I fell in love with Sporting KC.

When Matt went out east for school, I stayed more local.  I attended Mizzou’s Trulaske College of Business for finance, and was roommates with an Englishman.  Thus the sport of soccer was thrust upon me through Manchester United games streamed from our dorm room on Saturday mornings.

While becoming familiar with the sport I had only previously known through the World Cup, my interest in the MLS and the soccer team in KC was born.  Over my college years this interest in Sporting was eventually converted into the love I have today.  Matt, by this point a full SKC fan, would beg me to follow the team and watch games.  Afterall, I was only a short drive down I-70 from them.  It took a special moment from a Hometown Hero to change my feelings towards Sporting.

One night while studying (playing FIFA) at my house in Columbia, I was urged by Matt to make sure I caught the playoff game against New England.  I remember having to find the game on a streaming website.  To this point, I watched Sporting fairly leisurely.  Catching a game here and there.  But this was the playoffs, so I had to watch. Matt made sure of it.

The game went on…we scored…they scored…and then pure unscripted magic.  Seth Sinovic gets clipped in our own third, toughs it out, and makes a spectacular run to the end line.  To get the ball to him took a Frenchman’s best effort and a layoff header from a Greek God.  Then Seth sends a ball past the keeper that seemed to exemplify why they call it a strike.

That moment is the reason I fell in love with Sporting.  It was a moment of sheer joy while watching Sinovic belly slide into the corner flag. For the triumph of a winning team in Kansas City, at last.  One that was going to a championship.

Seth Sinovic was a true Hometown Hero that day. He convinced me that Sporting was a team I would have to watch for years to come.

Do you have a moment that defines your love for the sport or SKC?

Thanks for reading. Prost! (I’m still working on my own sign off, so for the time being I’ll use Matt’s)



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